Monday, January 28, 2013

January's over!?

Hey there,

This week has been pretty odd overall; we're reaaaallly not used to having just one ward. Because the boundaries are so small and it's so far away from our apartment (we're pretty short on miles right now), we put our bikes on the back of our Malibu and park in the church parking lot. We then take off our bikes, put on our helmets and we're off, looking like the most stereotypical missionaries ever. I love being a stereotypical missionary. Biking around makes for some interesting contacting, especially around the time that school gets out. We were stopped by a group of about 6 kids because they were making fun of us (and lets be honest - we look hilarious) and we ended up having a great impromptu lesson about prophets and the Book of Mormon. A couple of the kids accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and we got some contact info and were on our way.

We tracted into a woman on Tuesday that was incredibly receptive. When asked about her faith in God, she said that she's fallen away due to the things she's seen. When we asked if she would explain, she told us that she was an EMT on site during 9/11. It was pretty amazing (and sobering) to sit and listen to the trauma and horror that so many had to endure. I barely remember that day, but one thing I remember is how shocked and scared everybody was. The most strange byproduct of that whole tragedy was our nations ability to bounce back and unite, becoming stronger in the face of adversity and evil. In the least morbid way possible, I miss that. I miss that sense of patriotism and duty; the inherent understanding the nation had of "good and evil". I'm also bummed it took an attack of that magnitude to bring us to that state, and I hope something like that doesn't have to happen again before we are that united again.

The Hill family (the family with the 5 and 3 year olds that came to church) attended church again this Sunday! When they introduced themselves in Gospel Essentials, the wife poured out her soul and said "I hope you let me join your Church, because I love it". I don't think I've recovered from the heart attack I had yet; I just about fell out of my chair. We have an appointment with them this week and we're really looking forward to it; great family with a great spirit.

I'm loving the book "Latter Days" by Coke Newell - if anybody wants to learn more about what I'm teaching these people out here, go to and read that book. I love this Gospel and I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hope you have a great week!


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