Thursday, February 7, 2013

Temple P-Day

Crazy, crazy week.

This week has been weird and, honestly, I'm glad it's coming to an end.
Elder Craft fell on his bike about a year ago on his mission and broke
his left wrist. He underwent surgery here in Vegas and spent a couple
weeks recovering about 6 months ago or so. He's been experiencing pain
a lot lately and so we went to the doctors on Monday to see what's
going on. Really long story short, it's still broken and he has to
undergo another surgery, a more severe operation than last time.
They've decided it would be better if he underwent this surgery in
Seattle so he could recover close to home. Plus, he's been out almost
23 months now, so he's pretty much done anyway. He leaves tomorrow
morning. This is all really soon and sudden, and I'm probably going to
have to three-pack it with my Zone Leaders until transfers, which is
the 25th of February. This means for the next two weeks, I'll be
companion-less and having to bounce between several different wards
until transfers roll around. Pretty crazy's been consuming
everything this past week and a half.

Going to the temple today was really neat; I enjoy temple P-days. It
leaves us with a little less time to shop and email and all of that,
but it's way worth it. There's honestly nothing like stepping into the
Lords house. I remember walking into my house on Terraglen in The
Woodlands and feeling like I left the world on the doorstep; my home
was a solitary sanctuary. The temple provides that feeling on a larger
scale, and it's incredibly nice (especially after a weird week like
this one) to walk in and spiritually recharge. Time well spent, for

I hope everyone is doing alright! Glad to see Oz is still kicking,
even if it is with only half an ear (cracks me up big time).


Desert Fishing in Las Vegas

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