Monday, January 14, 2013

6 months already!

Hey guys,

This has been a pretty busy week for us, what with exchanges, baptisms, and interviews with President Black. I'll share a couple of experiences from this week that ended up being pretty cool.

I didn't end up going out to Logandale for the Guessman's baptism :( I was really bummed about this. The baptism moved to 10am and my interview with President was at 9:00 that same morning and it takes a little over an hour to head up to Logandale from Vegas. I called President Black about it on Friday and he said he wouldn't be able to interview me any other time with transfers coming up and everything. This was one of those "have faith" moments, but I understood. Apparently (Elder Steenstra kept me updated every thirty minutes or so, great guy) 150 people showed up; they had to move the service to the chapel! After the baptism I called the mom of the family and we talked for a good thirty minutes. They're such amazing people; I can't WAIT to see where they are in a year or so. Their testimonies will touch all kinds of people, especially if the 13-year old son decides to serve a mission one day. This work is amazing.

Interviews were alright; we're about 99% sure that we're staying together next transfer and Elder Craft is finishing his mission in this area, which means I'll be here for about six months in all. We had exchanges on Friday and my District Leader taught me how to tract. I thought I knew how to tract, but nope. I learned how to tract effectively. After that day out knocking doors, I've been able to leave a copy of the Book of Mormon with 1 out of 4 households (Dad and sports ruined me; I keep my own stats!) The work is picking up now that we're finding better through our own efforts.

Praying for you guys!


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