Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gunfire and Holidays

Happy Martin Luther King (jr) Day!

It's kind of sad...the only time I really acknowledge this holiday is when I realize something is closed because it's MLK day. I'd probably be more aware of this holiday if I served near MLK Boulevard, but I'm glad I don't, since some parts are pretty sketchy.

Speaking of sketchy, in the past week there have been two shootings in our area, one of them a street away from where we were eating (drive-by). The other one was at a nearby park. As far as I know, no one was killed and only a couple people are injured. We've talked as a companionship before about how many cops we have in the area, and now we know why. Most people tell us that they used to live in Inner Vegas before it was ghetto, and that they moved up north to get away from it. Now it seems like it's catching up with them...they can't build houses fast enough to get away from inner city crime.

We got our transfer call on Saturday and we're losing one of our wards and keeping the one the shootings were in. We're excited to be able to focus and give all of our attention to one area now. It's a bummer to have to hand off a ward we really like to other missionaries (the Zone Leaders, of course), but it's meant to be and they'll do a great job there.

Elder Millar, my trainer, is being transferred into my zone! So is my really good friend, Elder Jones. We all served together up in Logandale and it's like a little reunion, which ought to be pretty cool. Elder Kraft (k-kraft, so not my companion, c-craft), who was Jones companion up there, is also in our zone, so we're pretty excited. Should make for a pretty interesting transfer.

Things are going pretty slow right now, but we're hoping that after transfers things will be picking up. This transfer is only five weeks long as opposed to six in order to line up with the new MTC schedule. We should be seeing some 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters coming in today, actually. Pretty exciting stuff.

Hope everything is going alright down there! Take care of my dog, k?



6 month out tie burning ceremony

Burn your ugliest tie...good choice.

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