Monday, June 24, 2013

New Mission President and new approach to Missionary work

Hey there!

First off, how about that missionary broadcast? If you didn't get to watch it, here's a summary of what went down -
I'm pretty amazed at some of the changes already that are going to be phased in within the next year- iPads, Facebook, guided meetinghouse tours. Elder Holland said it himself, "there will continually be improvements in the way we perform missionary work". It's going to be really interesting to see how it continues to change as the world changes. Blows my mind. 

President and Sister Black came to our District Meeting this past Tuesday, and that's probably the last time we're going to see them before they head back to Sandy, UT. I'm amazed at how quietly they're going to make their exit; no fanfare, no banquet. He just hands over the phone and keys to President Ahlander and off they go. I'm incredibly grateful for the past year I've had to serve under President Black, and it's going to be odd to see him go. He leaves the 27th and then we have a "Meet the President" meeting on the 28th. That'll be the first time the entire mission has been together since Christmas, so that'll be fun. All of these changes are odd, but exciting; this next year should be a lot of fun. One year with Black, another with Ahlander...a pretty even spread. 

We've been helping the rest of our zone get ready for this next transfer, as almost everyone is moving. We'll be moving out of the Bryan's :( and into our stake presidents house, President Teshima. A lot of changes, and all of them good. By the next time we talk, I'll have met and interviewed with the new mission president and it'll be July. Time is FLYING.

Love you all so much!


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