Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A very busy week!!

Hey, everyone!

So, every missionary (every good missionary) carries and uses their daily planner. In the back of the planner, there are pages for notes, stats for the transfer, and phone numbers. There's also a couple pages titled "Potential Investigators", where we write down the names, numbers, addresses, and some notes for people we find that are interested and want to hear more. I've NEVER had my potential investigator section as full as it is right now! We've been so blessed with a lot of finding success this week, and it's made for a very fun and busy week. I mentioned our running tracting technique last week, but now I get to tell you how effective it's been. We've met some of the most interesting people (Bugs Bunny reference) as of late; because you're running, you don't have time to think "that guy looks scary, let's not talk to him". This being said, we ran up and talked to a guy that we wouldn't have otherwise. His name is Tony, and is just about the spitting image of Joey from "Friends". When we ran up to him, he was wearing a wifebeater, had a cigarette in one hand, a screwdriver (?) in the other, one foot on the tire of his car, hair slicked back, actually from the Bronx haha. This being said, it surprised us when he told us he was very interested, wanted to come to church, and took every bit of proselyting material we had. We're visiting him again this week. That's just one example of the fun and success we've been having this week.
We've also started teaching a woman who lives across the street from one of our members. The whole reason she became interested was because she noticed how loving and happy the family across the street always seemed, and she wanted to know their secret. That's how easy missionary work can be. We should always be striving to share the gospel with our friends, but sometimes the loudest message can be the way we act and the way people feel around us. Someone is always watching, especially when they know you're LDS; set the best example and show the "fruits" of living and knowing the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Next week ought to be a good one...can't believe it'll be 11 months tomorrow! I also can't believe I've been in this part of Vegas for a month now, time flies. I love you all and hope you had a happy fathers day!


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