Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some cheesy DVD's

Hey guys!

So, I was about halfway through this letter to you before I realized I had been typing in all caps. I almost left it like that, but when I read it back it sounded too much like I was yelling at you through email, so I fixed it.

It's only been a couple of days since I've emailed last, yet it still feels like a full week has passed. Time seems to both fly AND slow down when you're busy...I know, I wish it made more sense, too. We've been busy trying to fill our planners to the best of our ability and really making sure our zone is doing well. We started a DVD challenge in our zone, something Elder Torgersen had done in his last area. What we're doing is we're taking all of the DVD's that nobody uses from the mission office and handing them out to all of the companionships in the zone. They get points for each DVD they hand out to someone, and the companionship with the most DVD points at the end of the month gets taken out to lunch...by us :(. It's a great way to encourage everybody to go out and talk with everyone; people they pass on the street, sit next to on buses, their servers at restaraunts. The catch? All of the DVD's that aren't used at the mission office aren't used because they're super cheesy...like, reeeallly cheesy. We're talkin' 1985 cheesy. But still, we're helping them out by getting rid of them and it's helping us out by getting us to talk to everyone we see. Even if it is going to cost Elder Torgersen and I an extra lunch :(

We started teaching this 10 year old boy who, basically, referred himself. He's an awesome kid who went to the St.George visitors center and wanted to learn more. His parents are totally okay with him having us over and are starting to get a little curious themselves. I've never met such a mature, intelligent kid; it gives me hope for our country's future, as weird as that sounds. We need more kids like him out there. Anyways, getting a lot of teaching opportunities and staying busy out here! Starting to get a little hot, but it's summer; what can you expect? I love you guys and hope everything is going alright down there!


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