Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Speed Tracting...in the heat

Holy cow, what a long week!

Seriously, it feels like years since I've last sat down at a computer and read your emails. I'm really not sure what it is about certain weeks that make them feel like decades or like minutes. I'm sure by the time I figure that out, I'll be on a Delta flight back to George Bush Intercontinental. Such is life.

This past P-day was a lot of fun; we spent the day at a members house in one of the wards in our stake. All my life, I thought the houses on Lake Woodlands were the biggest I'd ever see...until we went to Bro. Yamagata's place. Absolutely insane. One story of his house was a garage filled with Bentley's, Ferrari's, etc. The basement had a basketball court, racquetball court, pool table, etc, etc. He had his personal chef (I know, right?) cook our fourteen-member zone a lunch. I've never been one to dream about having mass amounts of money (especially with music as my future career), but p-day made me rethink a lot of things...anywho. Had a great district meeting on Tuesday; it's getting a bit easier to stand up in front of the zone every week. 

Wednesday was a trip. It was our Mission Leadership Council, where all of the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders (new thing) meet with President and Sister Black and the assistants and discuss policy/concerns, and have a training. I was really, really nervous, especially since we had been assigned to do a roleplay on "Teaching for Understanding" in front of all of these older and more experienced missionaries (AND President Black). We ended up doing pretty well, though; we made it fun and did a roleplay instead on what NOT to do. Laughter always settles the nerves. Seeing as it was President and Sister Blacks last MLC, they bore their testimonies and it was a pretty emotional meeting. Just glad that's not coming up for a while, now.

As far as the work goes, this was kind of a bummer week. We were cancelled on with just about every lesson we had planned. People were busy, Leo was out of town, everyone was gone. So, instead, we went tracting for hours and hours in the 110 degree heat. I LOVE knocking doors, I really do. We've been running in between houses to 1) speed up the process, 2) make ourselves look pitiful at the door and 3) pique some interest. It's been working! We got some return appointments and are excited to check on them this upcoming week. Today for P-day we organized some laser tag, so that ought to be fun. Thanks for your letters and your love! Stay cool!


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