Monday, July 1, 2013

Vegas heat....and lotsa changes

It's really hot outside.

We were in the car the other day, driving back from the temple, with four other elders and a member. The thermometer read 123 degrees. It was quite toasty in that vehicle.

A lot of changes! Elder Torgersen and I got a call from President Black on Tuesday. He asked Elder Torgersen to be his new assistant and he asked me to be the presiding Zone Leader over the Lakes Zone. It was pretty crazy, and for the next couple of days our phone was blowing up with texts and calls from other missionaries, but we managed. Torg is going to be a great AP; everyone knew that was coming. My new companion will be Elder Herlin, and I know next to nothing about him. He's been in Panaca for 7 months or so, and he's been out a transfer less than I have. Once again, I'm really nervous; I'm the only ZL1 under a year and I'm not sure if I know exactly what I'm doing. I guess I'll find out these next six weeks, huh? 

President Black left the 27th and we met President and Sister Ahlander the very next day at a meeting. I love President and Sister Ahlander already, sincerely. They're hilarious, good people, and you could tell that they were extremely nervous talking to 250 missionaries they've never met. They did such a good job, though, and I'm way excited to serve with/around them this next year. 

Three weeks and I hit my year mark! This past transfer (six weeks) was the fastest one of my mission so far...apparently they only get faster. I'm not sure if it's the same on the home front, but I seriously feel like I left yesterday, yet I also feel like I've been out here all my life. Don't really know how to explain I won't :)

I love you! Stay cool and I'll do the same!


Elder Dowdle with President and Sister Black

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