Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day at Red Rock

Sorry for the delay!

Yesterday was Presidents Day, which I guess is a cool holiday if you happen to be the President of the United States of America, but I happen to be a missionary who has to wait a day to email his family because all of the stinkin' libraries are closed. If I was President, I'd change something about that, methinks.
Great, awesome week. We've been doing a ton of teaching and I'm loving it. In one of our wards, there's a seventeen year old kid we're teaching, Manny, who is the epitome of a "golden investigator" of the church. We've been able to teach him three lessons in the past week and a half and his baptism date is set for March 2nd! In our last lesson, we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how baptism is essential and a saving ordinance. He then tells us about all of the places he's been reading about baptism in the Book of Mormon and how amazing it makes him feel. We were kind of shell-shocked, especially since some of the verses he had read and highlighted on his own were the ones we were going to share next. Amazing kid; so on-top and soaks up information like a sponge.
We then were able to have a lesson with the Hills, and that was great, too. We shared the message of the Restoration and it went really well; she said she had tons of questions but that it all boiled down to one - "What makes your church different from other Christian churches?". In our minds, we were like "what a perfect segue..." and the first lesson covered all of her concerns. Teaching in a three-pack is interesting; you know it's your turn to teach when your two companions have their heads turned towards you (we were laughing pretty hard about that last night). We have another lesson with them this upcoming week on the Plan of Salvation and we're way excited about that.

Yesterday, for P-day, we went as a Zone to Red Rock, a cropping of, well, red rocks outside of the city. It was way fun; I've really missed hiking. The way up was pretty strenuous, as there were no trails, but being on top was way fun. I have some pictures of my friend Elder Houghton and I doing some tai-chi and meditating at the summit, I'll probably send them. Good way to spend a P-day, just wish I could have emailed yesterday as well!

I love you guys, and hope your Presidents Day wasn't as semi-lame as mine!


Tai Chi at Red Rock

Elder Houghton and I searching for our inner selves...
Never found them...

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