Monday, February 11, 2013

Working with the Zone Leaders for two weeks!!

Hey there,

So, Elder Craft flew out at 9:10 on Thursday morning and from then on I've been with my two Zone Leaders, Elder Larson and Elder Woodard (I reflexively typed "Woodlands"). These guys are absolutely great and have made what could have been a very awkward and discouraging time a good one. Larson has four months left and Woodard has six, but both work very hard and I've laughed more in the past five days than I have in the past six months. It's nice to see such a functional balance of humour/fun and missionary work and the Spirit. 

Because they came in and split up our last area, it's been really easy to go back to covering a ward I've already served in (Silverstone). It's only for two weeks, seeing as transfers are February 25th. President told me I'll be back in my old apartment with a new companion, so I'll probably stick around in this area for another three months, which I'd enjoy greatly. This is an awesome part of Vegas and I love the people. I've been able to teach two lessons in the past five days, which is two more than I've taught these past two months! These guys are awesome and I'm continually learning from them; they don't make me feel like less of a missionary due to age or position and they like to work hard, which I'm a pretty big fan of (and they're both Rush fans). 

We have an appointment set up with the Hills, the part member family with the 6 and 3 year old sons, Wednesday at 4:00. This will be our first time meeting with them, and I'm pretty excited. She (the wife) asked us if she could still drink coffee as a Mormon, and we explained the Word of Wisdom ( for those who are curious) and she said "It's going to be tough, but I can do it", which is encouraging to hear. This has been a very refreshing couple of days, and I'm having more fun than I thought I could have. 

Hope everything is going just as well, if not better, down south!


Me, studying hard

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