Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's already October

Hey guys,

September is over and done with; shortest month of all time. This has all just flown by so far and it's semi-freakin' me out. I feel like I stepped in the MTC two weeks ago as opposed to ten, and it's odd to think that I've spent as long as I have in Logandale. Logic says I'll be sticking around her for about two more transfers, but you never really know. I'd like that, as member trust is really the way to go in a place like this. So many people hold on to referrals for missionaries they feel will be up to the task and I'd like to have some more time to continue to prove to the members here that we are those missionaries. We had one of those referrals yesterday, actually; a girl gave us the number and name of a friend who wants to learn more. Hopefully we can gain the trust of all the members in the valley and help them understand that we're up to the task.

We've made some headway with an investigator by the name of Steve Kamin this week. His wife had a beautiful baby girl named Delaney last Tuesday and they are beaming as brand new parents. We went over to offer service and he asked us for the rest of the missionary discussions (we had given them a week before, he asked again due to the baby). He expressed a desire to eventually become a member of this church, but also said it's important to him that he knows that it's all true. Hopefully tomorrow when we discuss the Plan of Salvation we can help him gain that testimony.

Things are going pretty well and pretty quickly. Keep being awesome to your local missionaries; helpful members are the best kind of members. Every member a missionary.


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