Monday, September 24, 2012

Changes this week

Hey guys,

It has been a strange week, adjusting to the smaller area and fewer wards. Our nightly planning sessions are becoming crucial, as we have to really dig and ponder the next days activities in order to fill every moment of the following day. However, we're very much enjoying the new found ability to focus more on three wards as opposed to five; our relationships with the bishops, WML's, and members of those wards are growing stronger every day and we're seeing the work benefit as a result. All of our current investigators are on hold as of right now; one is pregnant and experiencing some health problems, so she's at a hospital in Vegas, another just had a baby girl two days ago and she has jaundice, so they're not able to meet, and another we're meeting tonight and hoping we can set up a return appointment. Like I said, strange week, and it dragged ON. Like, on and on and on, but such is life, I guess. 

We got two new Elders in the valley, taking over two of the previous five wards we covered last transfer. One of them is Elder Jones, who, prior to this transfer, was a zone leader. His trainer is 22 year old Elder Kraft, a recent convert from Alaska. Elder Kraft had served before in this mission, but had come home due to health issues. We like them both a lot; they're a great addition to our district. They get down to business and don't really mess around, and that's what this area needs, really. It's been a privilege to help them get used to this area so far. 
Well, the next big thing we're all looking forward to is General Conference. It's basically like the SuperBowl for missionaries. It's going to be so nice to just sit next month and listen to the words that our Prophet and Apostles have prepared for us. I'm about 400 pages into Jesus The Christ, by James E. Talmage, and during my personal study today I read a little about the Apostle Peter. Christ asks his apostles who they think he is and Peter bluntly responded (as only Peter can) that he is Christ, the Son of God. Christ tells him that he is blessed because his testimony isn't based on the miracles he witnessed, but the personal revelation he received. The following verse is the one that Catholics cite as their claim to divinity: "thou art Peter, and upon this rock will I build my church". However, he isn't talking about Peter as the rock, but revelation; the rock of revelation. I love that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that we rely on modern day revelation given to us from a Living Prophet, who has received it from a Living God. It all makes too much sense and bolsters my testimony exceedingly every day. Fine print: read Jesus The Christ. Holy cow, it rocks.

I love you guys,

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