Monday, October 22, 2012

Last day as a teenager


I'm using as much slang as I can, seeing as today is my last day as a teenager. I've been a "man" in the eyes of the state for two years (and anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I'm a man ONLY in the eyes of the state) but as of tomorrow I cease to be a teenager. I don't think being 20 years old has really hit me yet, but I also don't know if I really want it to hit me. Thank you all SO much for the letters and packages; the lady at the post office is super snarky about our mail, so the more stuff she has to carry, the better.

Julia was baptized this Saturday and it was wonderful and well attended by members of her ward; Elder Millar and I played small insignificant parts in the service in order to allow the ward to participate and get to know Julia pretty well. She was confirmed the next day in Sacrament meeting and her nonmember father was there, staying for the whole meeting (which happened to be the primary program). Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him soon, as it seems as though he's felt the Spirit on several different occasions. He's a great man and has had little exposure to the Gospel and to Church culture, but the little he's experienced he's liked. Not to mention the Logandale 4th ward is doing an incredible job with fellowship and making him and Julia feel comfortable and well-liked. It's amazing to see the night and day difference between someone unsure about a decision and someone that has prayed and received an answer to a question. Julia was a different person after she had knelt down and asked her Heavenly Father if baptism was a step she was supposed to take. She was sure of herself and happier, common traits among those who seek to find out for themselves through fervent and sincere prayer.

As this transfer winds to a close (last week is coming up), I can barely believe I've been here for three months. I'm most likely going to be here for three more, which is a little strange, but how things work. We sat through three primary programs yesterday, and it was odd to watch the kids speak and sing and go "I know almost every single one of name". Whether it's through dinner appointments or other visits, we've come to know a plethora of families here in the valley, and it's amazing how much I find myself remembering. In Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People", he admonishes the readers to learn names and one important fact. This has helped so much in member relations as of late, and we're seeing referrals because of it. I know that the Spirit is with us as we talk with the members in church and during the week; I can feel it. Long story short, I love love love being a missionary. Best thing ever, honestly.

I love you guys very much.

Julia Johnson before her baptism on Oct. 20th

Giant Logandale spiders. Back at the weird castle 

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