Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zone Conference

Hey guys,

How in the world is it already October 15th? It's been kind of a crazy week to say the least; it's gone by extremely quick yet so much has happened. On Tuesday we had a Zone Conference and President Black and his wife came down to be there with us and have interviews. My interview with President Black was really great. He has this spirit about him that's just incredible (did I mention he graduated from the U? Just sayin'...). We talked about the work in Logandale, my challenges thus far and where I've felt the most growth. When he asked me what picks me up when I feel discouraged, what keeps me going, I immediately said "My family", and it's true. The badge I wear has two names on it, and I want to represent them both to the best of my ability. He also said that Elder Millar is almost guaranteed to get out to Vegas on the 29th, seeing as he's been out for 16 months and only three of those months have been spent in Vegas (his greenie area, too). I'm bummed to see him go; we've become pretty good friends over these past twelve weeks, but I'm glad he gets to serve in the valley. Out of valley areas can feel like banishment sometimes, and he's been away from Vegas for far too long, so it'll be a good change. I don't even want to think about my next companion for fear of jinxing it...

So we had a lesson with Julia on Sunday and she brought up some concerns about her baptism. She said she wasn't so sure about it yet. We asked about her concerns and fears and what prompted this realization and she couldn't really say. Finally, after about a couple seconds of silence we asked, "have you prayed about it?" to which she shook her head. We challenged her to pray about it that night and plan on seeing her at 8:00PM today. Hopefully she will have received a witness last night and she'll be able to make the right decision; if that's the case, the baptism will probably have to be postponed, as she hasn't been to enough sacrament meetings yet. I'm actually glad she was brave enough to bring up her concerns to us; we talked and got closer as friends as well and I feel she'll make the right decision. Teaching is a little slow right now, but this next week we should have some more potentials and referrals to check up on. We've also been keeping track of rejections lately, so we're more apt to talk to every single person we see. It's paid off so far; an unorthodox way to make sure you contact everyone you see, but an effective one.

Love you guys a ton! Keep doing what you know you should.


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