Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, I guess?

So, transfer news: the call came in on Saturday and I'll be staying in Logandale for at least another six weeks with an Elder Steenstra. Yes, Steenstra. The poor members in Logandale, having to pronounce Dowdle and Steenstra. Apparently this guy has only been out three more months than I have, so we're both relatively young. He trained someone in my district these past two transfers (I think it might have been my MTC companion, actually) because the mission was so young and they really needed trainers. I've heard from a couple other Elders in the Vegas area that he's pretty serious, from a military family, and wants to work; I can deal pretty well with all of that. I'm actually pretty excited to meet him and get moving; we'll be picking him up in Vegas today at around 5:00PM. Elder Millar is getting sent to the Red Rock zone, which is the nicest (most affluent) zone in the entire mission. However, he's getting this kid who came out with me who is a handful, so his patience will probably be tested a bit. Millar deserves to go in valley finally; he's been out about 17 months and he's only spent three of those months in Vegas. That's a little weird when your mission call says "Las Vegas" and you spend your mission in the boonies, so he's pretty pumped. We'll have a new district leader, Elder Jones, which I'm excited about. He's a quiet and humble guy who really has a passion for the work. I think we're probably going to see a surge in missionary activity these next six weeks in Moapa Valley.
It was a quiet week as far as missionary activity goes. We had a couple "promising" referrals that ended up being a couple of door slams, my favorite. Deja Vu, I feel like I've typed that before...oh well. We are moving very slowly on Steve Kamin; he's following the Word of Wisdom as of last week but he wants to start over with the lessons so he can really learn what we're all about (plus, a goofy ward mission leader quoted Isaiah in our last lesson for about an hour). C'est la vie. I don't really know any French.

Hope everything is going well in The Woodlands! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and stuff,


Carved pumpkins for district meeting

Happy Halloween from Logandale

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