Monday, September 10, 2012

Attack Goose!

I can't believe it's been five weeks here in Logandale. Time is seriously flying by; it's a little bit scary. It seems like just yesterday we pulled up to our wonderful trailer complete with yard-toilet. Speaking of which, there was some construction outside of our home and some workers came to our door to let us know the power will be off for about 20 minutes. 20 minutes later, it came back half of the house. We have some borrowed extension cords running from one room to the next to keep our AC and washer running; the dryer is completely shot, it's pretty hilarious.
This has been the most fruitful week of the transfer by far. It seems as though the work has been exploding in several wards (the ones we'll most likely lose...) and we've been really busy checking up on different leads and potentials. Jason has been having several awesome lessons. We've been teaching him at a member home with two members who have gone through similar trials (overcoming Word of Wisdom issues). Their testimonies have bolstered his resolve and he's more attentive and serious in a more learning conducive environment. He's admitted to dealing with some physical withdrawals from the alcohol, but hopefully our prayers and daily contact will help him overcome his afflictions. We went over to Steve's house on Saturday and helped him with his yard for a couple hours. Afterwards, he opened up to us and told us that his parents are going through a nasty divorce over money after 40 years of marriage and he just can't understand it. He's opening up a lot to us lately, which is awesome, and we have another lesson with him set for this Wednesday. His child is due on September 17th, so everyone's pretty excited.

Our companionship continues to improve with every day. After a weekly planning session, we made some goals that have helped us immensely, one of which being diligent with our nightly planning sessions. As we've taken those more seriously, we've seen an increase in the workload we have every day; efficiency is through the roof. We're a little bummed that we might lose some investigators/potentials with our area being changed come the 17th, but we also understand that what is done is done for a reason and by inspiration. Oh well.

So, I knew that I was probably going to have to deal with some mean dogs on the mission, guarding their house and stuff. Only in Logandale would you have to deal with a guard goose.

It was seriously the scariest experience ever. We get out of the car at this weird house and start to walk up when we see this HUGE goose stick his head up from behind a bush. When I say huge, I mean the size of a large dog. It then proceeded to honk, lower its head, and charge. We ran to the car and basically cried until we couldn't cry anymore, so scary. Not really on the crying, but seriously on the running to the car.
Thanks for the prayers and keep doing whatever it is your doing. Here's a challenge for ya; give your local Elders some wonderful referrals, will you? They'd love that.
Love you all so much!


Helping restore power outside our trailer

Legendary Logandale guard goose. 

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  1. Remember, you never lose wards - only gain more.

    Service projects will always bring positive results.

    It is sad to hear of a 40 year marriage falling apart - stay in touch with this family.

    Bring along food for the will end up being a friend.

    Keep it up