Sunday, September 2, 2012

Temple trip

Having P-day on a Wednesday is not natural.

However, it was AWESOME to attend the Las Vegas temple today. I feel completely reset, spiritually and mentally; I really needed it, too, as this past week and a half has been full and somewhat stressful.
We have a baptism date for our investigator in Logandale 1st ward, Jason VanMiddenorp, on Sept. 15th (WOOHOO). We're excited that he's set a date and we're doing all we can to aid him and help him move towards it. His struggles lie in the Word of Wisdom, so hopefully with the 12 step program and our/the wards support we can help him move past all of that and into the font. The Ward Council in first ward has been so good about helping him out; they're fasting for him this next Sunday and I will be too. Our last lesson with him was a little odd; he expressed some concerns about baptism and they mostly surrounded lifestyle changes, and so the best we could do was bear testimony of the change he was making and help him realize why he wants baptism and membership. He's bearing his testimony this next Sunday (he talks about it all the time) so hopefully then we'll be able to gain a greater insight into his conflicts and better address his needs and concerns. Pray about him, if you could; I'm feeling a little on edge about it all, which apparently is normal. On Sunday, an investigator just fell right into our lap; we were at the sacrament meeting of Logandale 5th ward when we realized a nonmember (who is married to a member) we have been trying to contact was in the congregation. We immediately approached him after the meeting, he agreed to a lesson, and we taught him during second hour and now have a return appointment later this week. His wife is pregnant with his first child, and he kept saying "My wife's family is so happy and functional in comparisn to mine, so there must be something here". We bore testimony of how we know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can strengthen his family and enable them to live together with his family forever. I told him about the difference it made in my own family, and the strength, comfort, and unity we have in our home because of our knowledge. Finally, I bore testimony of the Saviors love for him and his family, and he said he could feel His love. This was an awesome experience (and surprise); Elder Millar and I feel good about this one (Steve Kamin).

I love the letters and packages, guys; I really do. Thanks for the plethora of support thus far! I'll be sending some pictures soon, so relax (mom).

I love you guys with everything!

Scorpion hanging out on our window

Another epic sunset in the desert

Elder Dowdle and Elder Millar at the Las Vegas Temple

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  1. Plethora...ha ha. The Three Amigos.

    Love the temple. Danny and I cleaned the temple the other night - didn't know there were that many stairs.