Monday, September 17, 2012

Jason's Baptism

Hey guys,

Go Utes.
This week has been just a little bit of crazy. On the lesson front, it's been awesome; Wednesday we taught three lessons to three different investigators, all with a member present. Pretty sure that's a Logandale record. We found two new investigators, a 14 year old girl named Julia Johnson who has been attending girls camp and wants to take the lessons and a newlywed couple who's 6 weeks pregnant. Both of them are in the Logandale 4th ward though, so we were bummed thinking we were going to turn them over, but grateful we found them. Then we got a call from the AP's on Friday and we found out we're now over Logandale 3rd, 4th, and 5th, even though we live in L1 boundaries. It was awesome, as the only investigator we had in our old area was set for baptism on the 15th. Jasons baptism was awesome. I was actually very nervous; it was kind of odd. Elder Millar was performing the baptism (his first time, it was cool) and I gave the talk on baptism; it was a way cool service and the Spirit was strong. Seeing the change in him the six short weeks has been nothing short of incredible. When I first met him, he couldn't sit still, no eye contact, didn't finish his sentences. As we taught him and he began obeying the Word of Wisdom and keeping all of the commandments, he began to listen more intently and ask thoughtful, complete questions. The Jason that walked down into the waters of baptism was a completely different man than the Jason I met August 7th. This truly is the Lords work and I gain a stronger testimony of that every single day.

I love you all, stay strong and do some missionary work!


Elder Millar, Jason VanMittendorp, Elder Dowdle

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  1. I baptized my son Porter in was a great moment. We had a comment that I will remember forever. Aunt Tara was one of the speakers and looked down upon Porter who was sitting next to me in bright white jump suits. She asked him, "Porter, aren't you excited to be baptized today?" He said, "no." I looked over at him with a loving smile and asked, "you are not excited?" He looked up at me and said, "Dad, it's Saturday."