Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time flies...


A year from today and I'll be in The Woodlands, Texas. We're not supposed to be thinking about our return date, but it's really put a lot in perspective. I think about where I was and, more importantly, WHO I was a year ago today and it's remarkable. I'm pretty sure we were in Salt Lake this time last year, buying (last minute, of course) the last little bit of my mission clothes. I think of the expectations I had, the fears and the excitement. I remember wondering about what it'd be like to be a year out. I'm now wondering what I'll be thinking about a year from now; how I'll feel, what I'll look back on. This has been an amazing year, and I wouldn't trade the experiences I had for anything.

I think I'll do a quick run down of the past year. You know, in case you missed something-

July 18th - Dropped off at the MTC. Met my companion, Elder Zane Kaelberer. Loved my district and had a great time; learned a ton.

Early August had me in Vegas. Met my trainer, Elder Jesse Millar from San Antonio. Taught some of my first investigators, started to learn how to survive in Logandale, Nevada.

Millar left and Elder Connor Steenstra moved into our little trailer. We taught a lot and had a good time together.

Got my transfer call and moved down to Tule Springs with Elder Jared Craft. Elder Craft and I served together for 8 weeks before he went home for wrist surgery.

Spent the remainder of the transfer with my two Zone Leaders, Elder Sean Larson and Eddie Woodard. Made two great friends and learned a lot from their example.

Got the training call and met Elder Corey Biggs, from Huntsville, Alabama. Spent three months together to cap off my 6 months in Tule Springs.

President called and put me with Elder Tristan Torgersen as a Zone Leader. Torg left me for the office and now I'm with Elder Zach Herlin of Frisco, Texas.

It's been a ride, for sure! I'm really looking forward to the year ahead of me. This week has been great; I've taught the most this week than ever before in my mission. Herlin and I are getting along great and we crack each other up (reminds me of Matt Powers a bit, too funny). We have a baptism on the 28th for a nine year old girl named Natalia, she's been a lot of fun to teach and is incredibly intelligent. Things are going really well in the Lakes, and I hope they're just as good back home!

Love you so much!


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