Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bunk beds, two texans, and ghost peppers...

Week one of Transfer 9.

Monday and Tuesday might have been the busiest days of my mission thus far. 3 companionships in the zone changed housing, so we've been bouncing all over the zone trying to get things in order and make sure everyone is situated. We moved out of the Bryans (they're the greatest) on Tuesday into President Teshima's place and had to disassemble the bunk beds and move them out. I've used more powertools on my mission than I have in my life. The funny thing is that the companionship that initially wanted the bunk bed changed their mind. We've been driving a bunk bed around Vegas in our minivan for a week. It's sitting in the parking lot as we speak. Anyways, a lot of administrative stuff went down and we didn't really get time to unpack (or breathe) until Wednesday. Busy weeks are good weeks, though!

I've loved this last week with Elder Herlin. He's from Dallas, Texas, (Frisco, to be exact), so everybody has been making the "two texans" jokes. He went to BYU for a year to study Mechanical Engineering, and is a really great guy. This is the first time he's been in Vegas for 7.5 months, so he's enjoying his time back in civilization. We're laughing a lot and teaching a lot, and we can already see that a lot of good things are on the horizon. We had a family just move into the area and the daughter was just baptized into the singles ward, so they're interested and have potential. We're still teaching the ten year old boy Leo, and now his nine year old sister Emily is going to church with him as well. We also found another family with an unbaptized nine year old, so we'll start teaching her this week, too. We have a lesson tonight with a part-member family, and hopefully we'll pick up a new investigator. Things are really looking good.

The 4th of July was non-proselyting after 6pm, so we went over to Elder Kaelberer and Elder White's place to play some pool and have some pizza. Well, Elder White had a bag of ghost peppers (from who knows where) and convinced us to try one. Terrible idea. Seriously, never ever eat a ghost pepper. If there's anything to take away from this week, it's to abstain from ghost peppers. I'll send the video. Anywho, been a good week and we're excited for the next one!



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