Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Companion - Elder Biggs


So, this has been a pretty full week! My new companion is Elder Biggs, an 18 year old from Huntsville, Alabama. He spent eleven days (11 DAYS!) in the MTC and now he's out in the field. I'm pretty impressed, especially after looking back in my journal and thinking about where I was eleven days on my mission. He wants to work, which is all I really asked for, so this has been a really great and productive week in this area. This is my first round as senior companion and it's really weird to have to initiate planning and finding situations, especially with the calling of trainer. There's some pretty heavy responsibility on my shoulders now, as it's up to me to demonstrate how a fully functioning missionary should act and perform. I find myself often second-guessing and over-analyzing all of my methods and actions, just in case I'm doing something incorrectly. When I'm not stressing over my example, I'm doing missionary work.

On Saturday a member invited us to breakfast with a friend of his that's interested in learning more about our church (THAT is how it's done). His name is Sammie, and he's an awesome guy; we had a great discussion and an even better breakfast. We actually just came from teaching him the Restoration and it was a really awesome lesson. He feels the Spirit and wants to read from the Book of Mormon and learn how he can have a better relationship with God and Jesus Christ. We're going to go over to his place on Thursday and work out with him, so that ought to be pretty fun. The Hills are progressing really well, and they're great people as well. It's such a blessing to be able to share our message with such a wonderful family.

Everything is going well here in Vegas, the weather is amazing and the work is good. Just a couple weeks and it's going to start getting hot, which is a bummer for a lot of people, but I'm actually looking forward to sweating my face off. This is going to be my only full summer in the mission, so I really hope I'm on bike so I can earn the sweat rings in my white shirts.

I hope everything is going well everywhere else!


Elder Dowdle & Elder Biggs

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