Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost Easter!


Well, Easter is coming up and it's weird to think that I've also spent Christmas in this area. I'm going to be here for 6 months solid, which is even weirder to think about; a half of a year spent in this area of Northwest Vegas. The weather is incredibly nice right now, and we've definitely been taking advantage of it. We've been doing a lot of bike riding and walking, which helps us get a little bit of much-needed exercise and allows us to talk to as many people as possible. I really enjoy street contacting; it's fun, you meet all sorts of people, and there's no door for them to slam in your face. You do get some people who actually run away, which is always a little amusing. It makes me wonder if they think we're with the police or something...either way. A couple days ago we were walking across the street to talk to some guy in his garage and he saw us coming, stood up and closed the garage door. Stuff like that keeps it all interesting.

Church was really good yesterday; a lot of good testimonies were borne and two people who have been meeting with us showed up, which is always awesome. Elder Biggs and I were able to teach the Gospel Principles class and the lesson was on The Life of Christ. It's fitting that we were to teach that, as that's what I've been studying and focusing on for the past couple weeks. The more and more you read about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the more you understand what a perfect road-map He laid out for us. He is THE example; in how to treat others, how to teach, how to live. Studying the life of the only perfect being to walk the earth has helped me take a look back on how I act and look for areas to improve in. I love progress, and being able to witness my own progression has helped me immensely since being out here. I'm so grateful for these two years of service; I'm loving every day.

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