Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Return to Logandale! - for a day

Hey guys!

This week absolutely flew by; I feel like I was in here emailing yesterday. Weeks where we work really hard always seem to pass quickly, and man, did we work hard this week. We had some great experiences contacting earlier this week; found three seperate families that are interested in our message (two from tracting, one from talking on the street) and we're meeting with one at 4:00 today. That's been the kicker, actually; every single person we've found that wants to learn more about our Church can ONLY meet on P-day. I mean, I'm way super grateful to have people to teach (honestly) but we have six other days....I'll stop complaining.

I was able to go back up to Logandale with Elder Steenstra on Saturday to go to a baptism! A kid we had taught named Wyatt was baptised, and it was an awesome service. We got up there a little bit earlier than expected, so we went around and said hi to a lot of the people we missed (unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to get to all of them :(). One of the first stops was at the Guesmans, the family that was baptised up in January that I wasn't able to go see. Visiting with them was the highlight of my week (year). When they told me that they're planning on being sealed together as a family in the Manti, Utah temple, I just about lost it. It's amazing to see a family like this make so much progress and be so happy, and I'm so honored to be used as a vessel for the message and Gospel that's changed their lives, as well as mine.

Our lessons went really well this week; Elder Biggs is a great teacher and surprises me with how much he's learning and how much he already knows. The work is moving forward in our tiny little area of Shadow Ridge ward (3 mile perimeter) and I know it's because of the prayers that we've offered up and the prayers offered in our behalf- thank you.

I hope everything is going just as well down there! I hope the weather is just as nice, too!



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