Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tule Springs

Hey family,

Well, I'm officially a Vegas missionary! I'm in love with my new area; it's the newest part of Vegas, just about as far north as you can go. The north border of our area is literally the desert, so I'm slowly working my way into inner Vegas; first Logandale, now the Tule Springs area...I'll probably end up at the strip by the end of my mission. Just kidding, no one serves on the strip. Not yet, anyways. We cover two wards, the Silverstone and Shadow Ridge wards, and they're fantastic. We have the pleasure of working with two ward mission leaders that really care about the missionary work in their area, and they're putting us to work for sure. Not a lot went on this past transfer here as far as missionary work goes, so I've inherited kind of a dead area, but things are already picking up. We have a truckload of potentials that we're in the process of checking up on and many are looking pretty promising.

It's been odd to be back in a metropolitan area. I'm not really used to all of these fancy things like, you know, streetlights. Nah, but seriously; it's nice to have a WalMart a couple blocks away. These wards remind me of the ward back home, and there are tons of members who remind me of members back home. We live in a four man apartment with Elders Smith and Nelson and it's been alright so far. I'm not used to central A/C either; that's pretty nice. We're in the process of building this area back up, so we're insanely busy, but I'm loving every minute of it. I'm really looking forward to the remainder of this transfer as well as talking with you guys on Christmas! I don't have many details about that yet, but I think we have a members home that's planning on having us over Christmas morning. I'll have all of the specifics next week (which is Christmas Eve woohoo!).

Love you guys very much,
View from my balcony back in civilization

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