Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 3rd

Hey guys,

Not too much has gone down between emails. Three of our current investigators showed up at church this weekend, which was pretty great. After sacrament meeting, we walked up to talk with Susie who had shown up even though her husband and son were out hunting. She started talking to us and said "Since I want to be baptized, I went to an 8 year-old's baptism yesterday..." and we were like "Wait, rewind just a bit". It's awesome to have an investigator profess their desire to be baptized unprompted. We have a third lesson with the family tonight so hopefully we can pinpoint a date and get them moving towards it! They're a way cool family and would fit in perfectly in the ward in which they live.
We're also teaching a sixteen year-old kid named Wyatt who just recently moved in to Logandale. We had the second lesson with him last week and Steenstra and I kind of breezed through the Plan of Salvation. Wyatt didn't have any questions and it all felt kind of weird. We were then prompted to talk and bear testimony of prayer, and then the questions started flooding in. At the end of the lesson, Wyatt accepted our invite to close the lesson with a prayer and his prayer was awesome; there's nothing like hearing someones first vocal prayer. The Spirit was there in abundance and it was too cool. Just another testimony that we don't teach a dang thing; the Spirit does everything.

We should be hearing about transfers at the end of this week, so you'll know next Monday. Thanks for all the emails and details, they help a lot!


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