Monday, December 10, 2012


So we waited for one of the assistants to President Black to call all Saturday morning, just wondering what was going to happen. Our district leader, Elder Jones, who was a zone leader before he dropped to train Elder Kraft, didn't get a call on Thursday like everyone thought he would. Because Jones didn't get a call (to go back to being a Zone Leader), we all thought President was going to keep everything out here pretty much the same, not moving around a lot of people two weeks before Christmas. Well, we got the call and we were wrong; I'm being sent into the Las Vegas valley! I'll be serving in the Tule Springs zone, covering two wards, companions with Elder Craft. It's one of the newest parts of Vegas, pretty far north and west. I'll get you the new mailing address pretty soon (soon meaning if not today, tomorrow) and then you can start sending things there; I should be there a while. I'm excited to finally serve in Las Vegas, sad to be leaving Logandale, and nervous about all that Vegas entails. It'll be an adventure, for sure.

Now to more important stuff: Susie and Chase are going to be baptized on January the 12th! They prayed about a date and both feel strongly about it. It's so awesome to be able to talk with and teach people like them; they've been prepared to receive this message long before I was ever "Elder Dowdle". In our mission, we're allowed to go to the baptisms of our former investigators, so I'll probably be able to come up for their baptism in January, which would be just about too cool! That's what being a missionary is all about, honestly. I love being used as a vessel for the Spirit; if it's done right, WE don't do any teaching. We just facilitate as the Spirit does the rest.

I love you guys and can't wait to skype/talk on the phone on Christmas!

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