Thursday, November 29, 2012

Service work in Logandale...

Hey there-

A lot of stuff has happened between emails, so I'll be doing my best to fit everything I need to in.
We had an awesome lesson with the woman and the son I talked about last week; they truly have been prepared to receive our message. Turns out her husband is inactive of 20+ years and still has a very powerful testimony. During our second lesson with them as a family, he started to talk about a time where his son was hurt playing football and one of the coaches (happens to be the Elders Quorum president) was there to give him a blessing. He started to get emotional and he said he knew it was the power of the priesthood that healed his son. The mother and son (Susie and Chase) committed to read the Book of Mormon together and pray to know if it's true, but honestly, they might just fall into the font before next lesson. She kept saying "I feel so good about all of this" and the son asked us what he needs to do in order to pass the sacrament. The Bishop of the ward was sitting in on the lesson and he was pretty funny; he goes, "First, let these guys baptize ya!". We all were laughing. It's sweet to actually teach every now and then.
Thanksgiving was awesome. We went down to Vegas to play in the Turkey Bowl. All of the zones played against each other (there are nine zones) and it was tournament style. We played our first game against Spring Mountain zone and I was playing corner. Guess who I had to cover? A redshirt BYU receiver. It was so hard. The kid's about 6'5" and could pass for 26. He might actually be 26. Anyways, we did something right, seeing as we tied them and then smoked the next two zones we played. We got cheated out of the championship game, due to our tie against the first team. They had a wider victory margin and therefore went to the finals. It's okay though, we had fun...just kidding, we're bitter.

Some things are unique to your area. The missionaries serving in Mesquite get to golf! The missionaries in Lone Mountain tract into celebrities all the time. The missionaries in Logandale? We castrate pigs. Seriously. For service, we helped an elderly couple castrate a couple of their young pigs. It was absolutely insane, but you guys'd be proud of me; I didn't barf or nuffin'. It reaffirmed the fact that I'm not cut out for the farm, guys. Not cut out for the farm.
I'm probably going to leave Logandale on December 10th, so start sending your mail to the mission office instead of my P.O. box. I'll be able to give you the address of my new area on December 10th, so hold off on sending stuff until then. Apparently the zone leaders requested that I train pretty soon here, which would be scary. I don't think I'm ready to get a greenie. It wouldn't be for a couple transfers, but still. I'm way excited to actually serve in Vegas, though! That's going to be pretty fun.
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep doing what I'M doing and I'll see you on the other side.


Elder Kraft and I strappin' down our pig
Brother Jarrel going at it.  
Not cut out for the farm guys, not cut out for the farm...

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