Monday, September 2, 2013

Missionary life in Las Vegas libraries!!

Hey everyone!

So, picture this scene: 12 missionaries sitting in a library on computers emailing their families. Four more missionaries are standing up against the wall, waiting for their turn. A crazy woman starts yelling at them, telling them that they're brainwashed little servants. Such is the life of a missionary in Las Vegas.
Luckily, I'm one of the ones sitting down (now) and Elder Herlin is holding down the fort in the little waiting line. That's one of the many reasons why it's so awesome to have a companion; I don't worry about what he's going to say/do and I know that he has my back and I have his.
Today marks the end of our "go hard in the paint" week, and we seriously went hard in the paint. I'm talkin' shattered glass; we were dunkin' on everyone. Last week we had nobody set for baptism - after "hard in the paint" week, we have three. Last week we only taught 8 lessons (six to less-active/recent converts), this week we taught 14 lessons (nine to non-members). It was really difficult to buckle down and work as hard as we did, working through lunch and dinner a couple of days, but the blessing are evident. We tracted in to a man who had taken the lessons last year and was planning on being baptized, but fell off the map (I'm trying to type over the sound of this woman claiming that we believe Joseph Smith was Jesus reincarnated...). We had no record of him, but he told us it isn't a matter of IF he gets baptized, it's WHEN. We have an appointment with him this next week, and we're really excited. When you work hard, are obedient and diligent, things like that just fall into your lap. It's amazing how you find teaching opportunities in the most inopportune places.
It's so hard for me to listen to people slander us, and I wish it wasn't. I wish I could just brush it off and not worry about it, but I want so badly for these people to understand, to know truth. There's so much out there that takes the truth and twists it, and it's a very real evidence of the adversary. It makes our job all the more important. I love what I'm doing, and I know that it's true.
Love you and hope everything is going well!


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