Monday, September 23, 2013

Broken nose, stitches, and another 6 weeks in The Lakes

Happy Birthday, mom!!

As a birthday present, I'll tell you all about how I busted my nose this weekend:

In our mission, if we wake up earlier (5:30 or so), we can go play sports with other missionaries for morning exercise - "morning sports". We were getting kind of bored with volleyball and basketball, so for the past week we've been playing disc golf at a course in the zone. This Saturday, we had just thrown off the tee box on hole 8 (I was at -8, I might add) when one of our missionaries neglected to say "fore" and nailed me right in the nose. I'll spare you the really gory details, but it just about ruined my shirt and had me on my back seeing stars. Some security guards grabbed me a granola bar and a bottle of OJ so I could recover from some of the blood loss and it got me up and to the car. Using my shirt to manage the bleeding, we raced to a quick care center only to see that it didn't open for another hour. We had accidentally switched phones with the companionship that covers the Ridges ward (the ward I used to cover, really wealthy one), so I was looking through their phone for directory assistance, or a number for a Walgreens or something. I passed by Bro Rodriguez in the phone, and I remembered that he was a world-renowned plastic surgeon in the Ridges ward (, so I called him at about 7:15AM for some advice. He told me to call him around 1:00PM and he'd see what he could do. At around noon he called to say he was on his way home, so we met him at his house. He sat me down, looked at my nose, numbed me up, and had me lay down on his kitchen table. Seven stitches later, he slapped a Cinderella band-aid on me and said "Go save some souls". He was no-nonsense and an overall stud. I'll send some pictures of the whole ordeal, but he said scarring should be minimal due to the fact that it's a horizontal cut that goes with the tension lines of the face. I can breathe just fine, too, so the break isn't too bad at all; I'm starting to get some black eyes this morning, but I'll work through all that.

...the rest of the week was really good! On Tuesday we met with a family from Ethiopia we tracted into and we brought one of our High Council members, Stan Nielson, who just got back from being a mission president in Poland. It was a great lesson; we talked about the restoration and the need for a prophet in these latter days. They seem really on the ball and we have another lesson with them this upcoming Tuesday as well. Sunday was pretty awesome, too; it was the primary program, so there were a ton of nonmembers present. One of the nonmembers was a man who's wife is LDS, so he came to watch his kid. However, he stayed for the second and third hour and absolutely loved it, and has agreed to meet with us this upcoming week. Another lady walked in in jeans and a Robert Plant t-shirt; she said she was visiting her mom and she felt like she needed to attend church, so she stopped at the closest one. She stayed for Sunday School and loved the lesson about eternal families - she said that her experience at church has confirmed to her that she needs to move to Las Vegas and attend church here. 

In other good news, I'm staying another six weeks in Lakes with Elder Herlin! I'm way excited for the good that's going to come of this last transfer; I feel like six months is the perfect amount of time to spend in an area, and I'm ready to kill it these last couple of weeks. Not too much is changing in the zone, so we'll be staying the same for the most part. I'm pumped to see what the fall brings :)

Solid week, bummer Saturday. Thanks for the emails and letters! I love and appreciate hearing from my family and friends.

On the kitchen table

Dr. Rodriguez' handiwork 

Cinderella Band Aid

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