Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red Rock Canyon for P-Day

Hey guys!

Sorry for emailing so late today - we just got back from Red Rock Canyon, where we went hiking/exploring for P-day. Vegas is like Salt Lake, in that way (Christopher Walken voice), where you can drive for ten minutes outside of the city and be in absolute nowhere, USA. I'm a huge fan of the P-days that get us outside of Vegas, or at least take our minds off of it. I'll send some pictures; it was perfect, high 70's, nice and cloudy. No one from the zone fell and broke anything, so that's good, too. I'm going to be way sore tomorrow morning, I can feel it - my poor body is far from in-shape.

This week has resulted in the most lessons taught in all the history of the zone...we're talkin' since it's very existence, so we're really happy and proud of our missionaries. I'm grateful we have such studs serving in our zone right now, everyone's working hard and missionary work matters to them. Refreshing, for sure. Elder Herlin and I have a baptism coming up on the 28th - this nine year old girl we've been teaching is ready and set for that date. It's been fun teaching her, but different as well; having to find ways to teach her effectively has been fun (and challenging). 

You asked about some of the pictures on the double decker bus...I'll give you a hint: it has to do with our Zone Training meeting tomorrow. Every week our district leaders give trainings to their districts from 10:30 to 12:00; Elder Herlin and I split up and switch which district meeting we attend every week. Once a month, after our Mission Leadership Council, the two of us present a training during that time to the entire zone. Lately, our two district leaders, Elder Tunney and Elder Birch, have been presenting the most creative and amazing district meetings we've ever attended, so we had to think outside of the box for our Zone Training...it's either step it up or get shown up, so Elder Herlin and I planned the most incredible (and risky) ZTM in history. Don't wanna spoil it, so be sure to remind me to talk about it next week.

Also on Tuesday! Both missions are getting together to listen to Elder Anderson of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Callister of the 70 talk to us! I'm so excited I can hardly see straight. Rumors are floating around that they're going to talk to us about some of the new advents talked about during the "Hastening the Work of Salvation" fireside, but I don't know about that; I'm just excited to hear what they have to say. The east mission is meeting there too, but it's on the west side on Charleston, so I hope a fight doesn't break out. I know, sounds like 1950's high school rivalry/west side story sharks vs jets, but who knows. Looking forward to that (the Apostle, not the bi-mission brawl).

Other than that, things are going well! Starting week 5 of the transfer! Also, Go Utes.

P-Day at Red Rock Canyon

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