Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference - Spring 2013

How awesome was General Conference?

I've been looking forward to it for so long now, I'm bummed it's over so fast. For those who don't know what General Conference is, it's a bi-annual event where the modern-day Prophet and Apostles who lead our church address us with messages they feel are important. They range from how to improve family unity to rock-solid testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ (you can check out the remarks that were made by these prophets, seers and revelators at As per usual, it was awesome. So many incredible things were said and I felt often that they were speaking directly to me.

It's so difficult to pick out some of the ones that really touched me. Among them were Elder Nelson's talk about "catching the wave" of missionary work, Elder Cook's talk about world peace vs. personal peace, ALL of the talks at the priesthood session. President Uchtdorf's talk about light, DEFINITELY Elder Perry's talk about obedience. The little brown book he held up is exactly like the one I have on me at all times, given to me by my grandpa who served in World War II. I often use the section about obedience during spiritual thoughts, and I recently used it in a talk I gave in church a couple Sundays ago. So many general themes were present, like obedience to God's commandments, finding peace in our homes and families, and that we are to be the "light of the world", beacons for a troubled and divided world. I feel so rejuvenated after listening to these inspired men, and I'm so grateful we have living prophets and apostles who recieve revelation for the children of God today. It's so comforting to know that God still speaks to man through his servants, the prophets (Amos 3:7). I know that as we follow the words of His select servants, we cannot go astray.

Shea Hill, one of our investigators, is getting baptized on April 20th! We're so excited and so is she; she's absolutely amazing and has great faith in Christ and His teachings. We have a lesson with her today and then again on Thursday, and we're looking forward to it. The mission is going great and I'm so happy doing what I'm doing. I love you all and encourage anybody who is curious to speak with your local missionaries about this wonderful work, to seek out the truth and see what it is I'm actually doing out here.


p.s. I know the picture of me holding the two AR-15's have nothing to do with General Conference, but it doesn't make it any less cool.
Maybe for Christmas 2014?

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