Monday, April 15, 2013

Chillin' in the desert


This has been a pretty great week, mostly because we're preparing for a baptism this coming Saturday! Shea Hill is getting baptized and we couldn't be more excited, and neither could she. We learned yesterday at Church that her husband, who is in the process of being re-activated, can baptize her, which is the coolest thing ever. They're both so happy and it's great to see how much they appreciate the special ordinance that's going to be taking place. I love baptisms; the spirit is always so strong and the symbolism is inspiring. It's such a neat thing to witness the spiritual rebirth of a person, and you can always tell a difference when you talk to them right after the baptism. The teaching pool has been pretty thin lately in our zone, so we're really grateful to have been blessed to teach someone like Shea. They're a great family who have many great things in store; they're already talking about how excited they are to be sealed together for eternity in the Las Vegas Temple next year. I'll have the privilege of attending their sealing next year, too, and that's just about too cool. I love being a missionary so so much.

We've been doing pretty well with finding lately, too. The other day we went up to a couple of people chillin' in their garage and started to talk to them. They said they weren't necessarily interested, but when we offered service, they invited us back to help install some handicap rails for their bathroom. When we came back to help them out, they invited us in and said they wanted to "study" and learn about our religion; they had changed their minds. It's amazing how the Lord can soften the hearts of those we speak to and how a random street contact like speaking to someone in their garage can lead to an impromptu lesson out of nowhere. I'm excited to see where these people go with the information we're teaching them.

In non-spiritual news, I ran my first 5K on Saturday! The ward was doing a fundraiser for a woman who contracted non-smokers lung cancer, and one of our investigators, Sammie, was going, so we decided to show up. I'm not sure that if that was the greatest idea...I'm so sore. Everywhere. But it was a lot of fun; I'm looking forward to getting more into running when I get home. Katie tried to drag me out to do some running when we were up at Utah, but I was a little too wimpy back then. Maybe when I forget how sore I am right now, I'll think about running another 5K or something.

I love you guys and can't wait to talk on Mothers Day!

Chillin' on a desert couch in Vegas

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