Tuesday, April 30, 2013

800 lb. Gun Safe...Fun!!

Hey family,

This week has been a blur; I sit here at the computer and have to look at my planner to see exactly what it is we did all week, we were so busy. That's a good thing, though, and a great feeling. There's nothing like working hard all day and hitting the sack as soon as you get home. We helped a lot of people move this week, and one of the families had this 800 pound gun safe. Elder Biggs and I were the only two people there to help for a while, so we managed to get this hulking safe out of the house and into the trailer. When we got to the new house to unload everything, we found out we need to get it up two flights of stairs into the master bedroom...naturally, we were ecstatic. We're still sore, and that was on Thursday. Other than that, we've been out enjoying the warm weather that's slowly been creepin' on us, knocking doors and talking to people.

After our baptism last Saturday, we realized we don't have anyone who's progressing or anyone to teach, really, so we're back in the finding mode. To help us stay motivated and stay sharp on our teaching skills, we've started to ask the member families in the area to have us over for the missionary discussions. Our hope was that these lessons will touch the hearts of the members and inspire them to do some missionary work. Since we've been doing that, it's been working; the other day a family invited over a friend to come listen to us teach their family. After the lesson, she became a new investigator and accepted our invitation to read from the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. That's exactly how we're hoping these member lessons work. As we continue to teach the members, bringing the Spirit into their home, their desire to share the message of the Restoration with their friends will increase. We've been really busy with appointment after appointment because of these member lessons, but we're loving it and they're some great experiences.

Thanks for the emails and letters; logging on and seeing several unread messages in my inbox every monday is such a great feeling. I hope you guys have a great week!


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