Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans Day!

The whole valley has shut down today; the boulevard (the main drag) is closed due to a huge parade that's going to be taking place in about fifteen minutes. It's nice to see the general population pay their respects to the men and women that serve and have served our country. I often wish that we could take a page out of Asian culture in that regard - we don't pay the elderly anywhere near the amount of respect we ought to. I am glad that Veterans Day is on a P-day, however; we wouldn't have anything to do or anyone to visit otherwise. I'm also glad high school football is almost over with. The local high school plays in the state championship this week and then we won't have to kick around rocks every Friday night because everyone and their dog is at the football game.
This was not a very fruitful week, unfortunately; we "lost" our top two investigators in the same day. They're more "on hold" than "lost", really. We found out Steve Kamin is moving back to Vegas (which is good because it's still in our mission) and Sadie is on bed-rest in Vegas for the next five or six weeks until she has her baby. So, we're kind of back to the drawing board with finding some new investigators, but that's okay! That's all part of the job description, right? Plus, a couple programs in Sacrament meeting this Sunday were about missionary work and how the members can better assist the missionaries, so hopefully some referrals crop up due to the new state of awareness.
We're going to Vegas on Wednesday to listen to Elder Larry Echohawk (SWEET name) of the 70 address us. They've asked our zone, the Mesquite Zone, to prepare a musical number and we haven't practiced at all and I'm stressin'. I can thank my band directors for that. They've also asked us to prepare a five minute talk each, as names will be pulled out of a hat and we'll have to speak if called up. Stressin' about that, too. It's all good in Zion, though.
In closing, I highly recommend perusing www.biblevideos.org. These videos depicting the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, are awesome, and great to share with your friends. Also, shout out to Zak (you're welcome, Zak).

Love you guys, keep being awesome and have family prayer/scripture study/family home evening etc, etc.

Elder Stu Loerchter from the U of U Marching Band with
Elder Jesse Dowdle. Two of the "Three Amigos". 
Elder Loerchter, Jairo, and Elder Dowdle as the Three Amigos
at the U of U a year before their missions to Las Vegas West

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