Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New people to teach and a morning in Death Valley, CA

Hey, everyone - 

This has been another great week, especially as far as finding and expanding our teaching pool goes. After a baptism, you're always afraid of having to fill up the pool of people to teach; finding, especially through your own efforts, is pretty difficult. Luckily, we were able to find several new people this week we're really excited about and a couple of them are already progressing!

The part-member family we taught on Wednesday was great - we show up for dinner and a lesson and they invited over their nonmember neighbors as well! We were pleasantly surprised; we had talked to the neighbors earlier in the week from street contacting, so we already had somewhat of a relationship with them. The lesson went very well - they were asking some great (and sincere) questions and committed to church this upcoming week. 

On Thursday, we saw two teenagers get out of a van as we were biking by, so we stopped to talk to them. They live right down the street from the church, said they've always been interested and accepted a return appointment for Saturday. We go in Saturday and they're actually there; we were half-expecting two 18 year old boys to no-show, but they were ready and curious. After the lesson and a really great prayer from one of the guys, they committed to work towards a baptismal date in late June. We have another lesson with them tonight and we'll let you know how that goes!

All in all, great week and our teaching pool is filling up! Today for P-day we went to Death Valley - a large amount of it is actually in our zone, Lone Mountain, so we've been up there all morning. I'll send some pictures; it was pretty crazy, but crazy fun.

Love you so much!

Proud of my roots during a Death Valley sunrise

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