Monday, May 12, 2014

Flat-tops and some service work

Hey there -
It was so much fun being able to Skype yesterday! It's so weird to think that yesterday was the last video chat until July; four General Conferences = done, four calls home = done. I don't like it. Every time calling home has been fun, but different, as I've been in different stages during the mission at different times. Now that this last call is over, it's time to keep my head down and work hard until mid-July.
This has probably been our slowest week. The casita we were living in was undergoing some pretty heavy construction, and so we moved in with the Zone Leaders for the week until the work was done. Living in a four man apartment again was pretty fun, albeit distracting, but Elder Palmer and I were able to get out and get some things done. At one point we were talking about Dad getting a flat-top on his mission, which, of course, led to discussion of US getting flat-tops. I said the only way I'd get a flat-top is if Tunney got one, knowing that he'd never get one. He got I did too. It's hilarious. The Zone Leaders cover Indian Springs as well, a small town up the 95, and so we went with them one morning to pick up trash around the town - that was fun, almost entirely because Indian Springs is pretty strange. 
We spent a lot of the week helping a girl named Tatum get ready for her baptism! Funny story, she's actually Elder Tunney's cousin, and so it's been neat for me to be able to leave him and go teach members of his family! She'll be getting baptized this coming Saturday and we're really excited about it; she's young, 12/13, but grasping it all extremely well and she, and her family, is on fire - we love them. That's going to make for a great weekend and it'll be Elder Palmer's first baptism, so that'll be awesome.
Anyways, great week and a better one coming up. Love you tons!

Just minutes before getting my flat-top

Elder Tews giving Elder Tunney his flat-top

Elder Dowdle and Elder Palmer cleaning up Indian Springs

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