Monday, April 7, 2014

What a great Conference weekend!!!!

Hey - super good conference, huh?

I was looking forward to it all week and now it's gone! So many great messages, though - I had some questions and thoughts going into conference this year (like they tell us to do; this is my first time actually doing it) and they were answered and addressed pretty quickly in the first couple of sessions. About three speakers in, I had the realization that what I'm hearing is pure, unadulterated doctrine. The Spirit was bearing witness so strongly of all of the truth I was hearing that I began to panic, wondering if I was picking up on all of the truth that I need to. I had to calm myself down a little bit and remind myself that I'll be able to read the talks in a few days time - I don't have to grab everything first listen. 

For those not familiar with the structure of our church, it's identical to that found in the primitive church established by Christ himself. Jesus Christ called 12 apostles to lead and direct the church, giving them power and authority to preach and to act in the name of God; this was done to ensure order and provide saving ordinances, such as baptism. After the crucifixion of Christ, the church was left in the hands of the apostles, who were persecuted and eventually killed/died. 

Because we claim to be the very same church Christ established in the meridian of time, we have the same structure He had organized - apostles and prophets. These modern-day apostles and prophets have the same power and authority and the same job description as their ancient predecessors, Peter, James, John, etc. That job description is to preach the gospel and to call the world to repentance. The apostles of today did just that this past weekend. 

Elder Holland called the world to repent of it's tendency to "create God in the image of man"; Elder Anderson called the world to repent, claiming that changes in civil law do not change the moral laws of God; Elder Hales called the world to repent of "selective obedience", picking and choosing which commandments are convenient. They couldn't have been more clear. Calling the world to repentance is just half of the job, though. We also heard peaceful and reassuring doctrine: Sister Reeves reminded us how merciful the Savior is; President Uchtdorf promised us happiness if we show more gratitude; President Monson testified of God's reality and personal love for us all. 

How grateful am I for the words and warnings of modern-day prophets and apostles. Those who lived during Ezekiel's day didn't have the book of Ezekiel; they had Ezekiel, the man. The children of Israel didn't get to study from the book of Genesis because they had Moses in person to tell them information pertinent to them in their specific time and circumstance. I'm forever grateful for a God who loves me enough to give me a prophet for my specific time and circumstance. If I listen to their counsel, I'll be just fine.

Love you and hope you had a good week!


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