Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All over Southern Nevada

Hey y'all - 

Another super fun week with a lot of driving and traveling - we were just about everywhere in southern Nevada. We spent a couple of hours in Alamo, Nevada, spent a day in Mesquite, then got to spend days in Tule Springs and Bonanza zone. We went from the middle of nowhere to the letter streets in downtown Vegas, so it was a super eventful and varied week.

Monday night we left for Mesquite and spent the night with Elder Herlin and his companion, Elder Frost (they're the Zone Leaders out there). It was good to see Herlin again; we sat in on their Zone Training Meeting and then followed the Panaca and Alamo elders back to their respective towns. The fastest way to Panaca from Mesquite is through St. George, Utah, so we stopped for lunch there and made our way to Panaca through some small towns like Enterprise, Utah. I loved the drive - it reminded me of the yearly Dowdle road trip up to Utah and the surrounding states. We made our way back late that night and spent the next day in Mesquite. It was so much fun - I was with a spanish-speaking companionship, Elder Scola and his trainee, Elder Fotheringham. Sitting in on lessons in a different language was a trip, but it was a sweet experience to watch these two teach and contact people. 

After a planning day down in Vegas, I was up in Tule again on bike with a companionship, and let me tell you - I love being on a bike. You feel somewhat ridiculous, and so it's much easier talking to people on the street; you already feel silly, so why not talk to them? These two elders in particular didn't really need me at all - they were teaching really well and leaving effective commitments. I love to see that. The next day was in Bonanza zone and holy cow...that was the most people I've ever talked to in a single day. We were on bike and probably spent an hour talking to people for every 5 or 6 houses we passed...we weren't moving very quickly. The first person we talked to was Rudy, and he set up an appointment with us later that night. Long story short, we went back, he was there, we taught him, and he's set for baptism on the 17th of May. Amazing day - I'd love to serve in that area (J street and Washington). 

Last night was the missions first musical fireside, and it was so much fun - such a hit, we're going to start doing it on a monthly basis. 330+ people showed up, and so it's only going to get bigger as we keep doing it.

The best part of the week? Charisa McNary was baptized this Friday night! It was so awesome and such a spiritual night - she's been learning and attending church for a while now, and so she was excited to finally be able to make that special covenant, that special promise, with God. I love her and Duane, her husband, and I'm so excited to see what the rest of their life is going to be like now. 

Great week, great people. I'm in love with what I'm doing. Thanks for everything and I love you!


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