Monday, March 10, 2014

A Week of Normalcy

Hey guys - 

This past week was the last one of the transfer, and it was a good one to end on. We were in Red Rock, Spring Mountain, South, and finished out in Pahrump (which was a trip). This upcoming week, week 1 of the transfer, we'll spend in our area full-time; we're giving the companionships the first week so they can get used to the new areas/companions. It'll be nice to have a week of normalcy; Elder Tunney and I can regroup, plan for the next five weeks using what we've learned this past transfer, and also use the skills we've been working on together in a single area. Coming out of dinner last night, Tunney and I saw a couple in their garage across the street and went and talked to them. It was the first time in weeks we've contacted/taught together in a real situation, and it felt good to teach with him again. 

It's almost a guarantee that when on exchanges, there's going to be a crazy experience - that's widely known in the mission. That being said, Tunney and I have been very fortunate to have a crazy experience every single day. I feel as if I've had an unusual amount of spiritual experiences in the past three weeks, and with them comes a spiritual fatigue. It's akin to the fatigue you feel after a good workout; a very satisfying feeling. Much like a workout routine, it's always beneficial to have a rest week :)

This upcoming transfer will be fun - one of our investigators will be getting married and then baptized in April! We're way excited about that and so is she. We'll also have interviews with President, Mission Leadership Council, and some other meetings and trainings coming up that we're looking forward to. 

Torg goes home tomorrow morning - last night was his last night in the apartment with us. I've been in contact with the U getting some things set up for this fall - I'm waiting to hear back the process for enrolling, but I've gotten word from the marching band that I'll still have a spot/scholarship opportunity, which is good. This is all going by too fast, so excuse my while I do my best to slow it all down.

I love you!

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