Monday, May 20, 2013

Mt. Charleston, new calling, and a flood!

Hey guys, a lot of stuff to cover this week, so be patient with me.

So we'll start with Monday. Monday was great because of our trip to Mt. Charleston; it was SOOOO nice to see some mountains, trees, and snow (snow in Las Vegas, Nevada), I was in heaven. I didn't really realize how much I miss the wilderness until I was standing in the shade of some of the tallest trees I've ever seen. It really made me want to make a trip out to Northern California to check out the redwoods. All I want to do upon returning is travel and explore, I've decided. Not the most effective use for a 21 year olds time (or is it?), but I'm looking forward to it.

All week we've been looking forward to/dreading transfer calls. President Black (our mission president) calls on Wednesdays for leadership calls and then the assistants call on Saturdays with regular transfer calls, letting you know where you're going and who you'll be serving with for the next six weeks. Well, much to our surprise, the phone rang on Wednesday and it was President Black. I answered, thinking he'll call me to be a trainer again, or maybe a district leader. I was not expecting that he'd call me to be a new Zone Leader. Yeah, I'm a Zone Leader now, and I'm really, really nervous. I skipped District Leader and now my new companion and I are in charge of 20 or so other missionaries. I have no idea what I'm going to do for the next couple of months; there are only two other ZL's as young as I am, and I have way less experience. I'm excited, but scared. The assistants called on Saturday to let me know where I was going, and I'll be serving in the Lakes Zone with Elder Torgersen, which I'm really excited about. I've heard awesome things about Elder Torgersen; apparently he's a musician and an incredible missionary. I'm looking forward to serving with him. I have to be at transfers early today to pass out planners and welcome everyone into our zone...the responsibilities start today. I'm nervous, like I said before, because of the responsibility of the position and my lack of experience, but I know that it'll be good for me.


So I'm all stressing out about being a Zone Leader, and then we come home and find what? Our apartment is flooded. For the SECOND TIME. The washer had broken again and had been running for FOUR HOURS; there were about 4 inches of water everywhere. It got all into the carpets, our bedrooms (nothing is damaged, thank heavens) and ran out the door and down the street. They have to knock down some walls downstairs because of all the damage. They tore up our carpets and we've been spending the night at some other missionaries apartment for the past couple of days. Talk about some added stress! I'll send you guys a video of it, it's pretty funny in retrospect.


All in all, a crazy week. The next time we'll get to email will be next Wednesday, so I'll be sure to let you know how the new area/companion/position is going. I love you all!

Snow just outside Vegas?
Mt. Charleston, NV

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