Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Amazing Week

This past Saturday, Serre Splond was baptized! It was an amazing service and she was so ready; she's BEEN so ready for weeks! Always reading her scriptures, asking us questions about what she's been reading, praying for guidance and answers and receiving's been incredible to see her journey thus far. It's been incredible to be one of the missionaries witnessing her journey; Ben Manning drove down from Provo for the baptism to give a talk and it was great to see him (we played 9 holes at a local golf course on Monday while Manning was in town - shot a 50, not great, too many three-putts...anyways, this isn't about golf, it's about Serre!). Her mom and grandpa came to the baptism and seemed to have a good experience as well; just an overall great night. The next day I had the honor of blessing her with the gift of the Holy Ghost, and now she's a fully fledged member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She'll be able to help so many who are looking for a knowledge of the truth and I'm really excited for where she'll be in five or so years.
As per usual, when someone is baptized or leaves our teaching pool, the Lord provides somebody to take their place. A man was riding his Razor kick scooter by the church on Sunday and decided he should go inside and see what it's all about. He stays for the entire three hour block, making comments in all of the classes, and then sets up an appointment with us and off he goes on the scooter. We go by later that night and teach him and his cousin (we think) and they have both committed to baptism for mid-February! We're so excited and so happy and so are they. It's been three days and we've had two lessons already; we're having a church tour with them on Thursday as well as a lesson about the Plan of Salvation. A young couple also moved into ward boundaries last week and the non-member girlfriend wants to be baptized this spring; her husband is in the music production business and does some work with some hip-hop artists and Disney, so that'll be a great way to better get to know them. Basically, things are amazing here in Meadows 1st ward, and Elder Tunney and I are way happier than we deserve to be.
Thanks for all of your support! I love you and pray for you.

Elder Tunney, Serre Splond, Elder Dowdle

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