Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Holy cow, what a week. It was sad to see Manning go - he was an incredibly well-respected missionary around the mission, and so seeing him go home was like the end of an era out here for a lot of us. I picked up Elder Tunney at transfers and went outside to help him put his luggage in our car. Out there by his bags was a crate - a full crate - of golf balls. We're having so much fun I'm surprised we're still together; my abs are constantly sore from laughing nonstop. The best part is the increase in work this past week. I think last week I mentioned we had four people set for of right now, it's increased to seven. It's been absolutely amazing to see how the work moves forward, and it's even more amazing that the Lord would allow Elder Tunney and I to be a part of it. We're teaching a ton and loving it - our teaching styles work really well together and it's nearly effortless. Among my favorite moments this week is this lesson we were having with this family that recently moved here from southern California. At one point during the plan of salvation lesson, the 10 year old boy raises his hand. We call on him and he looks us full in the face and says, "I feel so good when we talk about these things. I believe everything you tell me". It's so humbling when these children feel the spirit so strongly and nearly burst at the seams with how happy they are. This ten year old boy we met a couple of weeks ago played a shepherd in our wards nativity play this past Saturday and the family is on fire. It's truly been an amazing week.

We've had a lot of great experiences this week, but I'll tell you all about them this Wednesday when we get to Skype! I'm so excited - it feels like it hasn't been that long since we last talked. I'm looking forward to spending another Christmas with my family :)

Love (and Merry Christmas!),


Elder Dowdle's Santa hat

 Elder Dowdle and Elder Houghton performed a guitar duet at a family's home. Click the link to watch.

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