Monday, October 7, 2013

What a great General Conference!!


How awesome was conference? We are SO blessed to not only be able to listen to the counsel our modern-day prophets and apostles give us, but to be able to re-listen whenever we want; it's already online and ready for any and all who want it. The Lord keeps making sure his word and direction gets to every living soul as time goes on...we've come a long way since April 6th, 1830. There were plenty of times where I sat back and had little realizations of how far-reaching the Gospel is. With the advent of technology, there are absolutely no boundaries - all who will listen, can listen. Prophecy is coming true right before our eyes as we witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached to all of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Several talks immediately had my attention. Elder Bednar was so bold last conference with his talk about the law of Chastity, only to follow it up with the law of Tithing. He reminded me that the apostles of today have the same calling the apostles of old had - calling the house of Israel to repentance. I'm excited to return home and pay an honest and full tithe. Elder Dube reminded me of the work yet to be done; President Uchtdorf's address had me wishing it was a Mormon Message. I'm sure, in time, it will be. I could go on and on and on about the things we heard: President Monson, calling us to be missionaries - Elder Holland on depression (amazing), many talks on the sanctity of marriage and separate family roles. I left the Stake Center (where we watched conference) with a sincere and burning desire to become a better person, a better missionary, and a better priesthood holder. If we apply the direction we heard from these chosen servants of God, there is no way we can be led astray. 

Let me rewind to Monday. I told you we were to have a lesson that night with Larry, a nonmember who came to church and wanted to learn more. He's set for baptism on October 26th! :) He is quite literally "the man". He's in love with the Gospel and he and his wife have already set a date to be sealed to each other in the Salt Lake's absolutely mind blowing. The Lord has prepared this man for this specific time, and he's 100% ready. We love him; we were going to show him a DVD from our DVD arsenal, and he stopped us, walked over to his DVD player, and showed us the same disc. He's been shopping at Deseret Book and has any and all materials that can teach him more about the Gospel. It's amazing! We popped by after conference and have another lesson with him tonight.

I'm loving my time here and having amazing experiences! Thanks for all you do.


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